Eighty Years Ago In North Africa…

The Ambassador to Egypt and High Commissioner for Sudan, Miles Lampson, was raised to the Peerage as Baron Killearn. He was the longest serving British Representative in Egypt since Sir Evelyn Baring (Lord Cromer).

Lampson is the diplomatic link between my books, Churchill’s Abandoned Prisoners and Liberating Libya. He was the final British Consul in Siberia, who was in Irkutsk in January 1920, just before Admiral Kolchak was executed by the Bolshevik government. One of his last telegrams to London suggested that there was no point continuing to support the White Government as they had lost their authority with the population. He was then posted to Shanghai, before moving to Cairo in 1933.

In Cairo during World War II, his wife, Jacqui, was renowned for going out on the town with young army officers, such as General Alexander’s ADC and was suspected of spying for the Italian government because her father was a former Italian diplomat. However, the Lampsons were extremely kind to Hermione Ranfurley (To War With Whitaker) and the other military wives whose husbands had been captured in the Western Desert and they looked after Winston Churchill magnificently when he had the difficult task of replacing General Auchinleck in summer 1942. The fact that he did not panic when Rommel reached El Alamein and that he built a strong diplomatic relationship with the Egyptian Government meant that he was rewarded when the Allies were victorious in North Africa.


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