Belhaj Ruling

The Supreme Court has said that Abdul Hakim Belhaj’s allegations about rendition are so serious they have to be heard before a British court because, if not, they may never be heard anywhere else in the world. See chapters 4 and 6 of Belfast to Benghazi for comment.

12 Misratah


Derna Mujahidine supports Grand Mufti

Yesterday, we heard an ominous pronouncement from the Derna Mujahidine Shura Council against the head of the Government of National Accord, Faiez Serraj, and the commander of the Libyan National Army, Khalifa Hafter.  The voice of devout Libyans must be represented in any peace talks and the Grand Mufti is the spiritual leader best placed to do this.  See pages 277-282 of Belfast to Benghazi for the security issues preventing demobilisation, disarmament and reintegration of the Thuwaar in 2011: