Armistice Event in Whitehall

The Armistice discussion next week will explore whether it matters or not who was the last soldier to be killed in World War I and what sort of person came out of the trenches at the end of the war.

There is a media narrative that oversimplifies the story about those who fought in the War to End All Wars and alienates many who continued to serve their country all over the World.  There are disturbing similarities in today’s media – do we need a fresh perspective that balances the case in the Generation Z era?

All proceeds are going to Combat Stress – tickets are available at:

Combat Stress


Cambridge Student Union Vote

By voting against a motion for the Union to “ensure that remembrance day becomes a well-established and well-marked event across the university”, its student members have isolated themselves from the hundreds of alumni and staff from the 31 colleges who will be attending the centenary services of remembrance in the college chapels and churches of Cambridge.

On Sunday, 11th November, the Remembrance Sunday Service and Armistice Day ceremony will take place as usual in the beautiful Christopher Wren designed chapel of my old college, Pembroke.  The wreath laying ceremony at the War Memorial that commemorates hundreds of Pembroke students who died whilst serving their Country will, as ever, be a moving event.

It is not glorifying war to remember the fallen, the wounded and the families who grieve.