New US National Security Advisor

We can expect some fireworks when the evergreen John Bolton takes over as US National Security Advisor on 9th April.  But does his appointment signal the end of Jim Mattis as Defense Secretary?

The coordinated approach between the Department of Defense, under General Mattis, and the State Department, under Rex Tillerson, has earned respect around the World.  At a time when international diplomacy is at an all time low, we need a moderating voice to prevent catastrophe.

See page 183 of Belfast to Benghazi for the story of the round table discussion, when John Bolton, as US Under Secretary of State after 9/11, delivered an uncompromising address on American Foreign Policy.

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New Cold War?

Is Russia a distraction from Brexit, or a serious threat?  It is all very well for British politicians to express outrage after the Salisbury attack, but it is their policies that have divested the military of their key capabilities during the past seven years.  If we had a strong Army, Russian leaders would respect us more.  It is time to rebuild the British Armed Forces to the level maintained before the 2010 Security and Defence Strategic Review.

See Chapter 2 of Belfast to Benghazi for a description of military life in the Cold War

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