US Strikes IS in Sirte

US Africa Command has now conducted more than 400 airstrikes as part of Operation Odyssey Lightning against Islamic State in Libya since 1 August.  In the south, an AT-802 aircraft, allegedly operated by the UAE,  has bombed a Tebu-held position near Kufra.  Proxy forces are needed because the Libyan Air Force are in such a rundown state – see pages 268-270 of Belfast to Benghazi


Act of Remembrance

At our local memorial, we read the 28 names of those who died from the 36 families in this parish during WWI.  In 1917, war poet, Cicely Fox Smith wrote a poem about our village on the Dever:

And while I lay and listened, oh the river’s sleepy tune              

Seemed to change its rippling music, like the cukoo’s stave in June       

And the cannon’s distant thunder, and the engine’s war-like drone

Seemed to mingle with its burthen in a solemn undertone.   


Mosul Mire

Three weeks after Iraqi Forces launched their attack on Mosul, the troops are bogged down in the predicted urban quagmire.  This is a far cry from 7th November 1918 when Ali Ihsan Pasha surrendered Mosul following a 2 week military operation and secret negotiations with Colonal Gerald Leachman, who subsequently became a most succesful governor of Mosul.