Afriqiyah Airways Hijack

We are all thankful that there were no casualties in the Libyan hijack today.  This reminds us of the connection between the parlous security in the Sahara and the Mediterranean littoral.  For analaysis of the  Fezzan and its capital, Sebha, where Muammar Gadhafi stored his nuclear yellow cake and the British military team was attacked in 2012, see page 283 of Belfast to Benghazi.


US ends its operation in Sirte

Africa Command has concluded its operation in Sirte after the Government of National Accord announced the end of fighting against Islamic State in Sirte.  The Bunyan Marsous fighters have won a significant battle and made a huge sacrifice on behalf of all Libyans.  Now is the time to reconstruct the town and prevent the return of Daesh.  Read about Africa Command’s attempts to intervene in Libya in 2012 on page 278 of Belfast to Benghazi.



Aleppo Debate in Parliament

We are now seeing the tragic consequences of the 2013 “non-intervention” vote with tens of thousands of people killed and millions of people forced from their homes.  What is required now is a post-conflict reconstruction operation on a similar scale to the Balkans, but where is the UN Mandate and the trained civilians, police and military to deploy promptly?  We are not even asking the right questions in the debate in Parliament today.


Tobruk Picket

Yesterday, Tobruk airport was picketed by protesters against the visit by UN chief Martin Kobler.  This is a far cry from the welcome I received on a visit organised by the Chief of the Libyan Air Staff on Valentine’s Day in 2012, described on page 268 of Belfast to Benghazi.

Elsewhere, the Libyan National Army has  launched a major tank assault on the Ganfouda enclave in Benghazi. The assault, which began in torrential rain, has seen an unknown number of casualties.

It is not surprising that Libya’s outgoing UN ambassador, Ibrahim Dabbash, launched a bitter attack on the international community’ s interference in Libyan affairs.

Tobroq Council

Tobruk town council at the Knightsbridge Commonwealth War Cemetery 2012