Book Talk at the English Speaking Union in London

I was fortunate to meet HRH The Duke of Edinburgh at Dartmouth House after leaving school, when I was a member of the English Speaking Union. It is therefore a huge delight to be invited to return to Charles Street and give a talk in the historic Churchill Room on Monday 19th September.

The event starts with a drinks reception at 6 pm when I will display items belonging to the main characters in the book. Apart from explaining why the details of the British campaign in Siberia were covered-up after the prisoners returned from their Moscow jails, I will discuss the impact on Anglo-Russian relations and the relevance to the current crisis in Ukraine.

I will also reveal new information about the prisoners and their ordeal, gleaned from their descendants and friends, who have contacted me since the book’s publication. Full details are available at:

Novo-Nikolaevsk (Novosibersk) railway station, where the prisoners bought jewels from the Urals

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