The Bad, The Ugly and The Good

This has been a difficult week when we have seen a lot of talk about Climate Change by activists, who have lectured us about our bad behaviour, but have failed to come up with workable alternatives, or invented a small battery that can help to wean us off Fossil Fuels.

Meanwhile, the media has covered ugly stories that put the armed forces in an poor light, such as the Kenya murder allegations and the ban on serving soldiers carrying Dennis Hutchings’ coffin.

Few media outlets bothered to cover the operational honours list that was published on Friday, so I wish to pay tribute to Lieutenant Colonel Martin Windsor. He was responsible for the logistic support to 14 operations across 11 different African nations from Somalia to Mali and was awarded a Queen’s Commendation for his outstanding leadership and foresight.

Africa is suffering some of the most catastrophic consequences of rising global temperatures and the illegal migration that continues to flow through countries such as Libya are having a destabilizing effect in Europe. Isn’t it about time that the media informed us about the government’s strategy for Africa, including the different UK operations across this fragile continent and the good work of British soldiers on our behalf?


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