The Other International Conference This Week

If you were wondering why the Heads of State of France, Germany and Italy (and the Vice President of the USA) were not at COP26 in Glasgow on Friday, it is because they were attending the International Conference For Libya in Paris. The declaration that was published at the end of the conference has received scant attention in the media, but it is probably the best work on Libya since the Pandemic began because it deals equally with the political, security and economic lines of activity, as well as highlighting the humanitarian needs. However, just like the COP26 statement, it is not the talking, but the doing that will make the difference; and the first doing is the free and fair elections that will take place on the 70th anniversary of Libyan independence next month.

Meanwhile, I was delighted to be able to pay tribute to those who gave their lives in World War II in Libya during a wide ranging discussion with Dan Snow for his History Hit website. The interview is available for free as a podcast here

Benghazi Commonwealth War Memorial

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