Islamist Militia Forced Out of Sabratha

The reported withdrawal of the al Amu militia from Sabratha this weekend could be a pivotal moment in Libya.  Sabratha has been one of the 3 ISIS footholds in Libya and is the main launching area for illegal migrants attempting to enter Europe.   There is much to play for because it controls the main route between Tripoli and Tunisia and sits next to the Zawiyah Oil Refinery.

It is claimed the ousting force is connected to General Haftar’s Libyan National Army.  Will this be the start of the LNA’s advance across Tripolitania, or will there be an Islamist backlash this week?

Our examination of Sabratha and the western coastal towns in 2011 is covered in Chapter 6 of Belfast to Benghazi.

Sabratha Forum
Sabratha Forum



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